Sidetrack Design website launched

Sidetrack Design website launched

Sidetrack Design website launched

The smiles are spreading after many years of thinking and dreaming about the possibility of undertaking a collaborative project: we can now say ‘welcome to Sidetrack Design’.

In 2012 when we started working together loosely as a collective we originally called ourselves Sidekick Design. We were often sidetracked by the events in our lives, and in late 2013 we felt ‘Sidetrack’ was the obvious name for our small group. Since then we have reinforced our commitment to maintaining our individual practices within the supportive structure of our collective. We are proud to present our new website which demonstrates the high standards and the diversity of our work.

Enjoy the collection of items that are the result of the many tracks we find ourselves deviating down… come along and get sidetracked with us…

Michele, Barbara and Claire


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