About Sidetrack Design

Sidetrack Design was formed as a collective that encourages the sharing of technical knowledge, skills and critical direction to support members’ artistic practice. We differ in our use of media and stylistic approaches, but we are connected through our love of making beautiful jewellery and art objects, our respect for quality design, and an innate desire to create within our chosen disciplines and design aesthetic.

Sidetrack collections

Sidetrack designs have a contemporary boutique edge, emphasizing strong design, quality materials and craftsmanship. As makers, we draw on a broad range of skills, including goldsmithing, silversmithing, lost wax casting, enameling, fabrication, electroforming and many more. This broad skill base and our varied design experiences allow us to create a diverse collection of jewellery and objects.

Meet the designers

Perth jewellery designers Barbara Cotter, Claire Dale and Michele Keogh are Sidetrack Design. Each have their own personal design aesthetic and approach to jewellery making and metalsmithing that carries over into their unique creations. To find out more about the designers or to view their works, click on the links below.

Barbara Cotter Biography
Claire Dale Biography
Michele Keogh Biography
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