Jewellery Care

Care Of Enamel Jewellery

Enamel is a very fine glass, which is fired onto the surface of metal in a thin layer. It can be very fragile and needs to be worn with care. Avoid dropping or knocking your piece, as this may result in chips or cracks to the surface. It can also be subject to thermal shock, so avoid extremes of temperature: much like you would with glass.

Enamels with a gloss surface do not change over time and generally do not require cleaning. Enamels with a matte surface have a protective layer of bees wax applied. Over time this may wear and require a new coating. Apply a thin coat with a soft cloth and buff gently.

Silver will naturally tarnish over time. It is recommended that you regularly clean your piece with a professional soft silver cloth, but avoid chemical cleaners to protect the enamel. Gold is less susceptible to tarnishing, but can be cleaned with a gold cleaning cloth if required. Avoid silver dip, chemical or abrasive cleaners and hot water, as these may damage the enamel. Avoid extreme temperatures and exposure to harsh household chemicals such as chlorine, bleach or cleaning products, as these may also damage your jewellery.

We guarantee all workmanship, but cannot take responsibility for breakage due to normal wear and tear or accidents.

Any questions regarding your jewellery or how to clean, please contact either Sidetrack or your designer for advice.