Barbara Cotter

Barbara Cotter

Jewellery for Barbara is an act of discovery. Her style combines the exploration of the rich traditions of jewellery making as a craft with contemporary ideas.

Barbara’s work explores human narrative and the material world through the subtleties of shape and form, texture and colour. Using the suggestion that emotions have a physical echo in the body, her work refers to the physical and emotional experiences of life.

Barbara’s jewellery is a celebration of the relationships that develop between the wearer and the worn object. The practical aspects of wearability are equally as important as their aesthetics. When designing, Barbara takes into consideration the weight, strength and durability of the materials, the ability of the jewellery to coexist with the body, and the comfort of the objects. Through the beauty of their materials, her work reflects the beauty of the human body.

Barbara completed a Bachelor of Arts in 1991, majoring in jewellery and 3D design, and a Masters of Art by Research in 2005, both at Curtin University. Since then, she has worked in art galleries and taught jewellery techniques to a variety of ages and skill levels. She exhibits regularly on a national basis and currently works part time at the John Curtin Gallery as Art Collection Manager.

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