Claire Dale

Claire’s career to date has included contemporary jewellery residencies at Fremantle Arts Centre Studios, Craftwest Clocktower Studios, and 6 amazing years in Kalgoorlie working within the arts community, before returning to Perth. Claire then diversified into commercial jewellery design for the top end of the market and is now self-employed as a jeweller and freelance designer.

Teaching in Universities, Technical Colleges and High Schools has always been part and parcel of Claire’s involvement within the industry along the way. It has afforded her the opportunity to pass on the unique skills she has acquired in both commercial and contemporary design to each field alternately, providing a rare interchange of knowledge.

Although being initially trained as a silversmith over twenty years ago at Curtin University, I have spent the last ten years as a commercial jewellery designer. The switch has impacted quite strongly on my sense of design, taking me from limited edition contemporary exhibition work to accessible commercial ranges for a wider audience. The crossover has been a massive learning curve over the years which I have taken on board with pleasure.

Combining the two schools of thought by designing with a classic undertone and updating with a contemporary edge is harder than you might think! Therein lies the constant challenge, and forms the basis of my love of commercial jewellery design. It’s a never ending search for that ‘perfect’ piece where you can finally say…’That’s it’…’I’m happy now’. Somehow, I don’t think I’ll ever be satisfied, which is OK with me as it keeps the creative process moving along. There is always something to strive for.

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