About Sidetrack Design – Unique Jewellery & Art Objects

The Collective

Sidetrack Design

Sidetrack Design is a group of independent designers and makers. We formed because of our love of quality design and an innate interest in making art within our chosen disciplines and design aesthetic. Our philosophy is to create a supportive environment where we can develop as designers and craftspeople. We aim for high end, thoughtfully designed limited edition artisan made jewellery and objects. As a collective, we support and encourage excellence in both traditional and contemporary handmade crafts.

We enjoy the freedom that comes from working independently, but also enjoy the collegial support of working with others. Working as a collective means we remain independent, but have the support of like minded designers when needed, providing design feedback and encouragement to counteract the isolation of working autonomously in our own workshops.

Another reason to work as a collective is sharing skills and technical knowledge. We have all had diverse careers and developed skills in different areas. Collectively our shared experiences are broad and we are much stronger sharing our knowledge than relying on individual experiences.

Unique Jewellery Styles & Approaches

We are each different in our approach to designing and making. Stylistically we range from classical to contemporary, and we use traditional techniques, such as lost wax casting, enamelling and stone setting, in innovative ways. Our individual practices benefit from being able to come together as a group to support each other’s ideas. Regular contact and shared projects keep ideas fresh and momentum flowing within each workshop. The valuable cross-pollination of knowledge and skills that comes from working as a collective creates the framework within which Sidetrack operates. It is a solid platform from which we can support each other.